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Eastsider Welcomes The Hub Gallery to Echo Park

The Hub Gallery was profiled by the Eastsider. Below you will find the original article written published Thursday, August 11th, 2011.

Storefront Report: Echo Park’s Antique Row picks up another player

Thursday, August 11, 2011

East Sider, Echo Park - Storefront Article on The Hub Gallery, Antique Row.  Los Angeles.

The arrival of a cafe, gift shop and clothing boutique in recent years has attracted new shoppers and variety to the block of antique and vintage stores that once dominated the west end of Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park. It looked like the strip would move further away from its role as an antique row when Peter Vanstone’s shop departed the 2200 block of Sunset Boulevard. But a new antique store, The Hub Gallery, has moved in to replace Vanstone’s. In the case of The Hub, the antiques range from ancient antiquities to 1960s pop art. While mid century and minimalist influenced furniture and art are in vogue, The Hub owner Ara Hajian said there is still demand for the antiques and art of other eras. “It’s 2,000 years of art history,” said Hajian said of his store.

The Hub is located in the same building as Minnette’s and across the street from Wells Tile, two longtime antique shops. Hajian’s family has been in the antiques business for decades but he wanted to strike out on his own with a shop that targets interior designers and collectors. Hagian, who has lived in Echo Park for five years, said he thought it was appropriate to open an antique shop to the residents who enjoy living in old neighborhoods. “I thought that I would bring unique historical items to their door step.”