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I lost/forgot my username or password.

No problem.  You can recover that information – here.

What if my shipping address is different than billing address?

No problem.  When checking out, the default setting presents fields for both your billing and shipping address.  A convenient check box allows you to select the option to set your shipping and billing address as the same.

What if I have special instructions for delivery?

We’ve accounted for that as well and you are able to add special instructions about your order when checking out.  If you forget to enter that information or need to add something after your order has been processed – give us a call or email us to instruct us.  You may contact us here.

I need to change my shipping address.

If your item has not already shipped you are able to do so by clicking on your account profile page – here.  Or give contact us directly via email or by phone – here.

Will you help me find something I’m looking for?

Yes.  The Hub Gallery offers Curatorial services.  Contact us via email or by phone to discuss the particulars.   You can access that information on our contact page – here.

Is everything that I see online here the complete inventory of what is available in person at the gallery?

Absolutely not.  Not only do we have many other paintings, decorative objects, sculptures, furniture and antiquities at the gallery, we also have a large selection of collected items in private warehouses.  If there is something you are interested in and don’t see it here, come by the gallery or contact us – here.

What does inquiry only mean?

Not all of the items that you see on our website are available for online purchase without speaking directly with a gallery representative.  If you interested in an inquiry only item, click ‘Contact Gallery’ from that item’s profile to send us an email.  Or give us a call directly at 213.353.9922.

Is this site encrypted and online transactions secure?

For all online transactions we use  In addition to installing a secure SSL certificate for this website to ensure that the personal information we collect is secure – we have the added security and safety of which handles the actual processing of credit card and billing information.  We do not store any of your credit card information, so if you need to make adjustments to your payment method you need to contact PayPal directly.

Do I need to have a PayPal account in order to make a purchase?

No, you don’t.  But we still use PayPal to process your payment.  Select the option ‘Use PayPal without an account’ – on the checkout page beneath the main PayPal username and password field.  Or, you can call in and give us your information over the phone to avoid an online transaction entirely.

What if I want to pick up my item locally?

No problem.  You are able to select that option from the drop down menu for all items available for purchase online.  What that means is that you can pay for the item now and then pick it up at the gallery.  Or you could come in and purchase it in the store, the old fashioned way.

How do I get a refund for an item that I have purchased?

For any item that is purchased online and shipped to a collector – we do not offer refunds.  If you have purchased an item in the store and bring it back in for us to inspect and validate as the original piece that we have sold you – we will issue credit.

How do I track my order?

Please head on over to this page – here.

What is your shipping method?

We ship, universally via (enter the shipping method).  Every item we pack uses the same methods we have used in over 40 years of dealing with collectors from all over the world.  And then gets insured for our mutual safety.

Why do I need to register for your site to buy something?

This is so that you are able to track your order and that we are able to correspond with you while your item is being processed and in transit.

What does the shipping and handling cost include?

Shipping and handling includes the cost of packing materials, the time to pack it safely, and the corresponding insurance fee to insure the item in the mail.

I ordered an item online – now what?

As soon as your transaction has been approved you will receive a message saying as such.  With that you will get a transaction number that you can use to track and view your order – here.