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Artist, Jason Mason
December 6th – 27th, 2014

Jason Mason "Unruled" - New Works at The Hub Gallery, Echo Park

Jason Mason | Exhibit Details & Artist Biography

The Hub Gallery is excited to present an exhibition of new works by Jason Mason in a series titled Unruled, opening December 6 and showing through the 27th. Debuting at the show will be Mason’s foray into ‘Cerebral Pop’, a term coined to describe the subject matter of his new Hard-Edge work that fuses Pop Art with elements of Surrealism.

With his ‘Cerebral Pop’ concept Mason takes the mundane, in this instance ruled notebook paper, and transforms it into something elegant yet dreamy, temporarily suspending disbelief and leaving the viewer questioning their perception of what paper actually is. Wrought with symbolism and executed using trompe l’oeil techniques, the works are beautiful while intelligent, and captivating with their mystical undertones.

The idea of Cerebral Pop was borne of two major influences; the works of the artist’s mentor, Los Angeles great Ed Ruscha, and the photographs of Walker Evans, in particular his portfolio titled “The Beauty of Common Tools” published in Fortune Magazine, June 1955. Mason was fascinated with the methodology and techniques utilized by both artists in transforming common and often overlooked items into exalted objects of beauty and wonder. More specifically, he was interested in the psychology behind the allure of these works and their ability to capture a viewer’s attention and imagination.

Unruled builds upon the innovations of these two masters and injects it with a visionary style that is uniquely Jason Mason. Lines dance across a white plane, seemingly random upon first glance, but after further viewing a ballet of purpose begins to emerge as various themes leap out at the viewer. Sacred Geometry, Wealth, Technology, Astrology and other allusions unveil themselves through the artist’s lyrical distortion of lines. In the Unruled series, Jason Mason takes Pop Art to its next level with his interpretation of archetypes relative to altered perceptions.

Jason Mason is a self-taught artist who honed his skills working in the studio of Ed Ruscha for nearly two decades. Day in and day out, Mason closely studied the work of Ruscha, paying meticulous attention to the artist’s painting process and techniques while concurrently developing his own unique style of art. The last exhibition of works by Mason was his sold-out 2007 show “The Iron Eye of Babylon”, held at the DIY Gallery. This exhibition was met with rave reviews and great success. One of the artist’s biggest patrons, Paul Ruscha, even included Jason Mason in his book “Full Moon” which documents various artists’ works held in Ruscha’s personal collection.

After the Bablyon show, Mason opted to take a break from painting to pursue other artistic endeavors. During this period, besides working on various musical projects, the artist dedicated most of his time working on his life long dream, creating his own comic book. The result of his efforts is ‘The Flower Hunter’, a graphic novel that is completely written, illustrated, and colored (using watercolors because “…computers would make it to easy”) by the artist himself.

Besides his achievements as a painter, Jason Mason is also a founding member of the iconic LA Country/Rock band Wiskey Biscuit and the innovative Reggae/Dub/Ska band Future Pigeon. He was also a founding DJ of the world renowned Echo Park Reggae club ‘Dub Club’ as well as Downtown local favorite ‘Punky Reggae’.

Opening Reception
Sat. December 6th, 7:00 to 10:00pm
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